How do I upload a document to a OneDrive or Sharepoint library?

You can upload files to your OneDrive for Business library or SharePoint team site by just dragging them from your computer.

  1. Open OneDrive or the SharePoint site library.
  2. On your computer, click Start and then click File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the folder with the documents that you want to upload.
  4. Drag the files to the space in the SharePoint library where it says Drag files here.


NOTE  If you're using the Windows 10 Edge browser, drag and drop might not work. Use New document or Upload instead.


How to Drag and Drop

If you have a document stored on your desktop you can ‘drag and drop’ into the document library you would like to store it in.


How to upload a document

  1. Navigate to your document library and click on the Upload button.

  2. You can the browse to your document and upload it.
  3. You can also put in any comments about that particular version in the comments block.


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