How can I use different Office 365 accounts at the same time?

Some offices use generic Office 365 logins that are shared among members of the same team. At the same time, each member has his or her own user account that they access.

If your office has this setup, and you need to access both accounts in Internet Explorer, you don't need to log out of your team account in order to access your Sharepoint site or check your incoming emails in Outlook Web Access (OWA). Use Internet Explorer's InPrivate Browsing feature to access two or more accounts at the same time.

Let's say you are already logged in to OWA using your team account. Now, you need to use your own email account without logging out of your team account.

  1. On your task bar, right-click on the Internet Explorer icon, then click Start InPrivate Browsing.                      A new Internet Explorer window will pop up with an InPrivate message on the left edge of the Address bar.        
  2. On the address bar, enter, then enter your own email address and password, and you're done! Here's a screenshot of both windows side by side:         
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