How do I attach a cloud document to an email?

If you want to send a document from within an Outlook message as an attachment, you must be aware of a few areas.

  • If you are going to send this document to another member of staff you should send the document as a link or ‘share’ it
  • If you are going to send the document to an external users or a non member of staff, please take note of point 5 below.
  1. Open a new email message.
  2. Click on attachment.
  3. You will see a menu with all the most recent documents you have been working on.
  4. If you select a document that is stored on your HUB or OneDrive it will have the cloud icon over it.

  5. If you send this document as is, it will require the receipient to signin with a 365 account to access the document.
  6. It is recommended that you ‘right click’ over the document and select ‘attach a copy’.




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