How do I move documents from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint?

Sometimes individual documents grow in importance and become relevant to a project. When that happens, it may make sense to move them from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint.

Moving a document from OneDrive for Business to a SharePoint library is a manual operation. You can either copy or cut and paste the document. The easiest way to move files between libraries is to use Explorer. In the library, click the Library tab, and then choose Open with Explorer.

Open with Explorer command on the Library tab of the ribbon

If you're using SharePoint Online, you may not see Sites in a menu on the top of your page. Click the app launcher App launcher icon and then click Sites or SharePoint.

Troubleshoot moving documents from OneDrive for Business

There are a couple of issues to keep in mind when moving documents from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint:

  • Hyperlinks to the original document stop working, because you’ve deleted the document in OneDrive for Business. You may want to share the document you moved to the team site to give people on the site an updated, working link.

  • If people followed the original document, links in their newsfeed to that document will stop working. To restore this association, people will need to follow the document in its new location.

  • You might want to replace the original document in OneDrive for Business with one that simply gives a link to the new file, and announces the new location.

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