Skype for Business - Transferring calls to other people


Blind transfers

The first way of transferring a call is blind. This is where you just directly transfer the call to a third party without first talking to the third party.

To do a blind transfer:

  1. Click the Call Controls icon (telephone) on the bottom right corner of the conversation window.
  2. Click the Transfer.
  3. Write the name of the contact you wish to transfer the call to, and click the Transfer.


NOTE: You can blind transfer to your own numbers – useful if you need to move a call from Skype for Business to your mobile telephone. If you do this the other member of the call wont here a ring tone, they will seamlessly be transferred.



Conference calls

A conference is a call where there is more than two people.

Add more users by simply dragging and dropping them into a meeting. Also, external users can dial into a conference by you giving them the meeting info – found by clicking on the “3 dots” and then Meeting Entry Info.

NOTE: If the three dots doesn’t show the meeting info – you are just in a standard two- way call, not a meeting. You either need to make it a conference by adding another person or start a meeting via Meet Now.


Consult transfers

When transferring an incoming call to another person in Skype for Business (Lync), sometimes it is preferable to announce the call to the recipient before completing the transfer.


To accept the incoming call and place it on hold:

  1. Click on the pop-up to accept the call.
  2. When you are ready to place the call on hold, click the Call Controls icon (optional). Placing the call on hold is optional - the call will be automatically placed on hold when you make a new call to the intended recipient. However, it can feel more familiar to place the call on Hold yourself if you prefer.
  3. Click Hold. A banner will display on the original conversation window showing that the call is on hold.



To make a new call to the intended recipient:

  1. Open the Skype for Business (Lync) main panel.
  2. Hover over their profile photo to reveal the options, then click the Call A new conversation window opens for the selected contact.
  3. Announce the call to the intended recipient.


To complete the call transfer:

  1. When you are ready to complete the transfer, click the Call Controls icon in either call window.
  2. Select the Transfer icon - any open conversations are listed in the Transfer Call
  3. Select the conversation with the intended recipient, then click Transfer. The call is transferred and you will be dropped out of the call - both conversation windows will close automatically.


This is clearly demonstrated in this video:

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