Skype for Business - Call forwarding

If call forwarding is available in your organisation, you can forward calls to another number or Skype for Business contact, or ring another number or contact at the same time as your work number. You can also route calls automatically to a coworker if you're out of the office. Follow these steps to do the latter:

  1. In Skype for Business, click the Settings



  1. Select Tools > Options.



  1. In the Options panel, select Call Forwarding. The Call Forwarding Settings panel is shown.



  1. In the Call Forwarding panel, click Forward my calls to, then select My Team-Call Group.


  1. Click Edit my team-call group members, and then add the Office 365 accounts of the members of your team to whom you want to divert the calls.


  1. Click OK > OK.


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